Opinion: On the rebranding of Wataniya to Ooredoo

Disclaimer: The following post is an opinion piece, we don’t hold anything against any company.

Brand loyalty is a big thing and so is, Brand awareness. As a business student I understand what’s a brand and how they can impact people’s lives. In this capitalist society that we live in, we relate to the brands, various brands. We love Apples and Blackberries of technology, we love McDonalds for it’s famous M logo and we love KFC for Colonel Sanders (amirite? No, its the chicken right?). Its just what we grow up loving, that we attach ourselves to it.

And so, we came to love the company that called itself ‘The Red Carpet company’. Wataniya doesn’t sound bad, does it? It’s easy, its a word we use in everyday language and its just easy and snaps. What’s wrong with it? Nothing I would say. Wataniya was my first SIM card, before it was even that Red. It has this beautiful simple W and ‘wow’ mashed together in its logo that at one stage I used it as my signature as, ya know my name starts with a W.

We have seen rebrandings before such as Zain doing it, that actually made sense because coming from MTC Vodafone to Zain was an improvement as a brand. We have seen several branding changed back after public outcry, GAP for example (even though it was just with the Logo and not the name, people took it serious) or we take a local example, KITCO with its chips packets.

From W to Oredoo

From W to Oredoo


I would not go into corporate details but I think it was very not much of a wise decision by Qtel to change the name to ‘Ooredoo“. Ooredoo too is an Arabic word, actually two words: ‘I want’, we use it in daily language but it doesn’t hold as much as the name Wataniya does. We know what they have to say about it. We do know that its their property and they can do whatever they want, with it. OK, Qtel we understand that its your thing but ‘I don’t want’.

As of yesterday Qtel has changed to Oredoo only in Qatar and most likely Kuwait will be the next one.

Anyways, I have nothing against any corporation and I still use Wataniya for some services and overtime we all will adopt to the new multi-syllabic nameĀ and leave the ‘Red Carpets’ behind. I hope someone from Wataniya Telecom reads this. We will miss Wataniya.