Meet Montaser Ali: A young professional photographer!

We at Area965 strive to show Kuwait what is up with the talent all around. This is the first in the series of many interviews with some talented young people. The criterea is simple, the person we will interview is aspiring and young and needs exposure.

Meet Montaser Ali, a photographer/enthusiast who started photography as young as he could. He is passionate about his work and alternates between school and work. He likes to photograph cars and bikes and takes photography as a serious passion.

MA Photography

To know more about him, We asked Monty (as he calls himself) some questions. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Tell us about Yourself.

I am a 17 year currently doing my 12th grade in school.
Born and raised in Kuwait with the Indian blood.
Don’t know what to really tell about myself. Lol.

  • What made you a passionate photographer?

My father had taken a couple of photographs back in the old days when he had a film slr… When I checked out our family album and saw those shots, I wondered if I could do the same.
Also I have always been inspired by landscape photographs. If they can do it, why can’t I

  • Do you have other priorities/ objectives in life or would like to go big with photography?

Initially it started as a hobby, but then I figured keeping this as a hobby can get boring at times…everyone I probably knew started a page. Some deserve the name too! So anyway, I changed it to a part time hobby. I do photo shoots in my weekends and sometimes on work days after my school hours. I’ve never had any hobby as interesting as photography. I’ve been doing it since December 2010 and I know the addiction just won’t stop.

  • Does it affect your studies?

It does at times, but I can’t get anywhere in life without compromising or hard work. So I have to give importance to both equally.

  • What’s your favorite theme or category of Photography?

Actually I have two! Landscape and automobile photography!
I love to blend both together when I go for a photo shoot.

  • Do you have a favorite photograph of yours?

I don’t have one in particular, it keeps changing over time. I practically like alot of them even!

  • Why is Photography important to you?

The satisfaction of being successful after seeing the completed shots, being able to meet new people, everything about it!

  • Your camera and the camera equipment, what is it? Do you believe that we can achieve good photography with phone cameras?

I have a Canon 5D Mark II.
I use the kit lens (24-105mm L IS USM) lens for wide angle shots of the car or to zoom in. Its the most frequent lens I’ve used.
I also own a 50mm f/1.8 lens for portraits or bokeh. The 2nd most used lens.
And the last but hopefully not the least, the 75-300mm lens. I barely use it as I got it for cheap and its not what I expected it to be when I got it.

  • Share with us your favorite pieces?

Some of the best photos taken by Montaser:

MA Photography photo IMG_11851440x960_zps704a78d5.jpg

MA Photography photo IMG_13761440x893_zps636e72cf.jpg

MA Photography photo IMG_17851440x960_zps3cb94cf6.jpg

 photo IMG_37991440x960_zpse91ee01a.jpg


MA Photography photo IMG_41401440x960_zps6835dfb9.jpg MA Photography photo IMG_41141440x960_zps69b6a7de.jpg MA Photography photo IMG_16751440x921_zpsfdf227c4.jpg MA Photography photo IMG_05611440x960_zps8b3a10c0.jpg

I would like to thank Montaser for this interview.

You can contact Montaser Ali for yourself at the following links:

Facebook/Facebook Page