What does the actual PS4 look like? My take on the whole PS event

What the hell just happened? I like the PlayStation, been a fan since the first one. I own 3 PlayStations right now. I was looking forward for this event. And Sony trolled us, yes they did. They didn’t even show what the PS4 looks like? What was the point of the whole event if you wanted to show the controller and some developers talking. I was expecting more Sony, more. I love you and all. But, no. I want to see the actual console and you didn’t show that.


At first they explain what the specs are. PC type architecture, x86 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, GDDR5 RAM in the GPU. All well for a gaming console, doesn’t come close to a built PC though. But that’s the whole point of owning consoles, not worrying about PC specs.

The DualShock 4 looks like a promising controller with a light bar which will make it work more precisely. A headphone jack at the bottom and a share button. They also added a touchpad to it just like the one on tha back of a PS Vita. The controller has new triggers and feels a bit evolutionary from the actual DualShock design. Watch out, Sony may change the design like they did back then with the PS3 ‘Banana’ controller.

The console has two processors which are custom chips Sony made in collaboration with AMD. one of them runs separately and can download and upload while the other handles the gameplay. this was one good feature announced as we can download games while playing them.

The console has third party Social network support with UStream and Facebook on board. Nothing new here. The console also has Smartphone and tablet integration which is already a feature on the Xbox 360 introduced by Microsoft last year.


The actual true innovative feature in the PS4. Gaikai offers cloud gaming, let’s you play online games without downloading them and broadcasting your games to your friends. Your friends can watch you play and there is Remote Play. You can play games you left off on your Ps4 and continue on in the PS Vita, it was shown during the presentation. Gaikai wil also support titles from all previous PlayStations but just online. So there is no true backwards compatibility, We always wanted that, now we are disappoint.

One of the best features about the PS4 is no loading times, you can pick up the controller and pres the power button and play the game instantly.

The Games that were shown:

Killzone – Shadow Fall, nothing really new, a game of Killzone with better Graphics. Extraordinary graphics actually.

Drive Club – Something that I’m looking out for. Something that I can buy the PS4 for. This is something that really really made me happy about the PS4. Drive Club acts as a First Person racing game. I always wanted a first person racer. I;m a fan of Gran Turismo and I am looking forward to see more of Drive Club.

inFamous – Second Son: Another inFamous game! this game looked wowzers, like something that inFamous is , great.

There were some other first party studio games shown, one with the Move controller. So, the PS4 is going to support the Move controller.

Some of the Third Party games shown were Deep Down by Capcom, A new Final Fantasy was confirmed by the Director at Square Enix, Watch Dogs will be a PS4 title developed by UbiSoft, Diablo 3 is coming for the PS4 and the PS3 and a game by Halo developers Bungie that is called ‘Destiny’. Looking forward for some of the games listed and they looked really great.

Most of the games shown were something that could be achieved with the current gen of consoles and the PC. There is nothing innovative in the gameplay or nothing new or revolutionary like the Wii was or the original PlayStation was.

Overall, I’m looking forward for the actual console as Sony hasn’t shown anything. Anything. That was a troll event as far as I’m concerned. No box, no pricing, nothing on that matter. I’m disappointed by this, I mean they could’ve done an event at E3 and properly unveiled the whole thing. Why now? Why were they pressurized to show us only the specs? Or was Sony trying to troll around with Microsoft?

I have mixed feelings about it. Happy but not too happy and sad but not too sad.

PS4 will release Holiday 2013, so by the end of this year, we will see. I will write about it sometime later here on Area965.

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  1. Those are a AMD chips not ARM chips. ;)