Jalopnik’s new blogging system is what I dreamt of.

Jalopnik introduced a new system on it’s blog. Like Gawker media has always done, this time, it’s a bit different. I’m a reader, I read alot. I read Kuwait based blogs, I read international blogs, I read any blog that seems interesting to me. Gawker media is one of them along with a bunch of others. I go to Kotaku for games (very opinionated) and Jalopnik for cars (again, very non traditional journalism). I came across Jalopnik’s new system today and I feel that they have done what I wished for.

Lemme share a secret with you, even though this particular site, Area965.com hasn’t enjoyed mainstream success yet, I have met many people. Great people in Kuwait. I’ve made friends and I have learned alot about the Kuwait blogosphere. I feel different, you know we don’t quite fit in the normal day to day blogs like they do in Kuwait. From 248am which is appreciated by most of the readers and BananaQ8 which goes on about any malls and restaurants opening. We like them, they inspired us to open a blog. But our blog wasn’t something that would go like them. We wanted a commercial blog and a non commercial opinionated blog where can criticize whatever product that we don’t like and still not get in trouble like Mark did back in the day.  So the secret is I wanted to create a blogging platform, a network, a open free network where talented writers in Kuwait who didn’t get any chance would get a chance. We haven’t found any partners yet. We tried, we will keep going.  Not just the owners of the blog, where someone could send in their own writing and could show their talent. I reckon OwlOlive for a great reading experience, people still do know how to write (Great stuff).

This is why Jalopniks’s new blogging platform is a great thing in my opinion. Anyone could go there and write whatever they want and if found journalistic, they may get into the spotlight of Jalopnik’s homepage.

Here goes our offer: If you want to join the network (Kuwait based) that is independent and you can write whatever you want in a network of modernist writers, here you go. Contact me on our page and tell us. Like this we can make a blogging network in Kuwait that can actually go international. Ask us anything, any queries. The network will be named on consent of all the blogs and We will write the terms if we can collect a good amount of writers.


Muhammad Waqas