Kuwait needs it’s own Kickstarter

If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, then either you don’t surf internet properly or are not a fan of (or are not interested) entrepreneurs/innovators. Kickstarter is a website that is the pinnacle of crowdsourcing or crowdfunding today. The internet is full of innovative entrepreneurs or start ups who either don’t have enough investment or are not experienced enough to execute their plan. Then comes sites like kickstarter or Indiegogo. These sites are used by various people in various feilds to collect enough money to fulfill thier dream projects. In return the pledgers get things like the product or service itself, exclusive tshirts, dinner with the creators, etc. The crowd does not invest in the project but gets the finals product. This model is simple, works smoothly, everybody gets what they want and dreams are fulfilled. Read the Wikipedia article for more information on Kickstarter.

Ouya Console.png

Some very successful kickstarter projects are Ouya, Pebble watch and tons more. These have raised millions of dollars just by listing their project on Kickstarter.

Why does Kuwait need Kickstarter you ask?

For people like me and you and you and them too. I’ve met a bunch of people with great ideas, great thoughts and people who really want to do something unique. It’s either they don’t have the resources or they don’t have the investment to start their project. i mean, Kuwait is not short of any money or investors but then convincing those investors can be hard. We can have people pledging 1 KD or more for each project or service they would like to see in Kuwait. We can also add perks like meeting the developer, dinner at good restaurants, free tshirts etc. to the people pledging more. Like this, the project is invested in and the people pay in advance for it. I believe if this happens in Kuwait already, we will have dozens of projects kickstarted at the first day.

It’s not just tech projects, it can be anything  from t-shirts to fashion designing to art to film to animation to software to hardware. It’s just that you should be able to convince the crowd that you are capable of doing that and you will fulfill all your promises.

If you have something in mind like this, please contact me at mw(@)area965.com and we can talk further. If you have any innovative idea, you are more than welcome to discuss and we will publish about your project on area965.com, it’s a promise. We always like to support all kinds of innovative and creative projects coming out of Kuwait.