Tech rumors of the Week: Keyboard BB10, Nokia RT Tablet and 99$ Acer Tablet

I am a techie. My pasttime reading is all tech related. The last two days have been so busy that I totally forgot to read what’s going on in the tech world. This morning I found these three interesting things coming our way:

A BB10 with a keyboard:
Finally, after looking at all those pictures of a full screen BB10 device, everyone was anticipating one with a keyboard because that is what Blackberry is best at. This device looks stunning even in blurry shots, let’s see what they are upto with launch coming this January 30th.

Is this RIM's new QWERTY keyboardpacking savior

Source: Crackberry

Nokia’s 10 inch Windows RT Tablet:
Nokia tablet patent
When the software giant holds hands with the phone giant, then you can expect great results. With the beauty and success of the Lumia devices, this bond looks even more stronger. Rumors have it that Nokia plans to release a 10-inch tablet touting Microsoft’s lesser than full Windows 8 OS, the Windows RT. We need to wait though and see what they have for us in the near future.

Source: TheVerge


A 99 dollar quality tablet from Acer:

ImageAcer is a company that delivers inexpensive but sometimes cheap products are don’t come upto the promises. well, this one looks promising. Touting Kindle or Nexuz 7 specs (if that’s true) at a whole one dollar less than a hundred, this tablet can be a groundbreaker for high quality, good specs, inexpensive tablets.
Source: TheWSJ

All above images taken from Engadget.