Have you ever wondered where to find Arduino boards in Kuwait? Interested in DIY electronics, but can’t really find the equipment to fulfill your dreams? Guustore is here to help you! Ok, that sounds like an ad. No, but seriously, Guustore is the only online retail service in Kuwait who are selling Arduino boards, shields and components. Now how close is the price to other online services? We will talk about it with just one example, If you wanna buy Arduino Uno Rev3 from say Adafruit or Arduino Europe and compare it with Guustore, it’s not really that much of a difference. Don’t you wanna save yourself form the hassle of customs and then what’s a KD extra?

Currently, the Arduino Uno Rev3, the most used popular one, sells for 10 KD flat. I got myself one. They also sell Motors, shields, LCDs (no, not LCD TVs, the small 16X2 LCDs) and other components.

via Guustore
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