10 things to do in Kuwait before 21st of December

Oh yeah! The doomsday is coming up! No seriously. But no, Seriously. With all the crap that people gobble up nowadays, it’s pretty easy to say that the Zombies will eat us! So, I have come up with a list of things you can do it Kuwait that will be interesting and you’ll probably feel good about yourself when you do them all!

1. Visit Hassawi
If you haven’t been to Hassawi, visit it now. Why? Because it’s a great adventure, you probably won’t find yourself in Kuwait except for the car license plates. Everything surrounding you will be awkwardly weird but you’ll find it interesting. It’s like the ghetto of Kuwait. And also, you will understand what is happening with the less fortunate who live there. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy it!

2. Go to Failaka
Probably you have done it sometime in your life, but how can we miss it before the supposed doomsday. Go out there for a whole day, have fun, rock your boat, see the Gulf war remains and you can find literally millions of empty bullet shells there, which was my favorite part of Failaka!

3. Go to the Mutla Ridge
Drive there out in the desert and see what the desert feels like. If you haven’t been there, it’ll be an adventure to share. This is the natural beauty of this country, you can’t get anywhere else.

Wikipedia picture

This is how it is but GO yourself to feel the air!

4.Visit Wafra farms and pick some fresh produce yourself. What can be more fun than picking fresh tomatoes from the middle of the desert?

5. Visit Museums
I’m listing some the museums here, visit them, they define Kuwait.

National Museum (including the Planetarium)
Tareq Rajab Museum
Kuwait Science Club
Educational Science Museum (It’s in Kuwait City)
Sadu House (1)
Al Qurain Martyrs Museum
Mubarak Kiosk
Contemporary Art Platform

I know you can’t visit all of them at once but choose yours and visit whatever you want to visit.

6. Eat Machboos

If you are an expat here and never eaten Kuwaiti dishes, then you gotta eat it or else you haven’t lived in Kuwait yet. And yea, eat it like the locals do.

7. Drive Safely.
Something of a rarity in Kuwait.

8. Go to Kheiran (not the resort)

9. Ride the public transport
You’ve gotta do it before the doomsday or else what? Are you even in Kuwait, Just take a short ride of the various public buses if you haven’t done it before, trust me, you’ll learn alot of things!

10. Don’t go to a mall
Yup, don’t do it. Just don’t go there. I know it’s impossible for alot of you, but the doomsday is coming up. Who wants to shop anyways?

Isn’t it the most boring list anyone can ever produce? You all do the interesting stuff already, so we just had to come up with stuff that’s not usually done (I don’t know, but maybe you have done it). If you know something more interesting and not done usually, feel free to write it down in the comments!

Disclaimer: No, we don’t believe in zombies and mayans and nothing of that sort. It’s just an excuse to write a post.

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  1. If Doomsday was coming why would I not choose to be in Paris or London or anywhere but Kuwait or Middle East?!? lol