Samsung Galaxy S3 fans rejoice!

Allright, the bil ol’ Sammy is making a step to announce it smaller, shrinkier and a bit-lesser-hardware version of it’s flagship device, the Galaxy S3. It is confirmed news from Sammy that they will announce the smaller sibling of the S3 tommorow and is named Galaxy S3 Mini. It’s got slightly slower processor  a dual core this time, a less resolution AMOLED screen, 1GB Ram and 5 MP camera but it’s pretty much good for any one not liking the sheer big size of  the 4.8 inch version!
Look’s like this one’s made for humans too… !
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini photo, specs and expected price leak in Germany

Update: Looks like people are visiting this page to get information on the price of S3 Mini. The price for S3 will be $510 i.e. 153 KD. Most probably I think it’ll be above a 150 KD base. Thanks.

Via: Engadget
Source:  MobileGeeks