A look into VGHS!

I know I’m late to the party but this is what I was watching all night and guess what, I have something to say about it. VGHS or Video Game High School is a web-series created by the famous YouTube channel Freddiew [721,375,220 views]. This series is out of the world, not that Freddiew’s other videos are not exceptional, they all are. But this one is something I never saw in any of my favorite movies, TV series or Web Videos. Famous Hollywood studios create big budget films on huge sets with tons of CGI and this is a clear competition to them. There have been books, movies, music, TV series of various genres for people to consume but this is a different take on Comedy, Love Story, Science fiction and so many other genres, even Video Games. As a gaming fan I was astonished after watching the first episode and this led me to watch the rest continuously. The episode lengths vary from 10 minutes to 23 in the final episode. It’s funny, short and to the point and that’s what I like the most about it, to the point. It’s got millions of views and guess what, We will be able to watch Season 2 as it’s in under pre-production and writing stage right now. The series does not mean in any way to represent gaming as a whole, it just takes on it’s plot of video gaming. It is about the protagonist and his love interest and the friends and the Antagonist and love for FPS game tournaments. I think the series creators and directors have done a pretty good job considering it’s not a big budget studio TV series. If you haven’t watched it yet, I reckon you do and have fun. VGHS was successfully funded through a Kickstarter. I’m waiting for Season 2 to start!



Directed by: Freddie Wong, Brandon Laatsch and Matt Arnold
Series Length: 9 Episodes [Varying Episode Lenghts]
Seasons: 1 and 2 coming soon
More info and stuff : [IGN,imdb,Kickstarter,Wikipedia,RocketJump]