Google’s Kuwait National Day doodle features The Seif Palace!

By the time you’re reading this, you probably have seen Google doodle for Kuwait National Day on 25th of February. The doodle features a sketch of Seif Palace. Seif Palace is a historic Monument located right next to the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City. Built in 1904 it is known for its clocktower.

National Day Google Doodle

National Day Google Doodle

Further Reading on Seif Palace.



AREA965 wishes a happy Eid-el watani to all people residing in Kuwait. 

Kuwait Police Museum opens today in Bneid Al Qar

The Kuwait Police Museum opening today is located at Al-muhallab street in Bneid Al-qar.




More details to follow with video.

Photo Credits: Fahad ShahRukh, Report Credits: Mona, Yasmin, Mahnoor

Meet Sheikh Wozniak, I mean Steve Wozniak!

Monstariam uploaded a photo on his instagram with Mr. Woz in a dishdasha!

Apple co-founder was in Kuwait for a conference and lectures. Steve Wozniak along with Steve Jobs started Apple in a garage back in 1976. Steve Wozniak was the sole designer of the first Apple computer, the Apple 1.

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Active Kuwait – an amazing timelapse video shows Kuwait’s Industry

The video was posted on Youtube yesterday by Ali Yunis. I discovered it on the Kuwait subreddit on reddit. The video lasts a minute and half and focuses on the industrial sector rather than the usual malls and highstreets seen in previous timelapse videos.

Source: Ali Yunis Youtube

Where does Kuwait rank in the English Proficiency Index?

47 is the answer. 47 out of 60 countries in the list. According to the research conducted by Switzerland based EF Education first. The rest of the GCC countries are listed at 36, 51 and 59 respectively UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

One of the key findings on the website says:

  • The Middle East and North Africa are the weakest regions in English. These oil-rich nations have staked their futures on developing knowledge economies before their oil production peaks. An exception to the region’s lackluster performance is the United Arab Emirates, which has improved significantly.

EF rankings

The full list can be found here with explanation to the criteria for setting up the list.

Source: WSJ

Rapper ‘The Narcicyst’ to speak at Nuqat conference in Kuwait

Nuqat, the organisation set up in Kuwait to help develop creativity in the Arab world, hosts several conferences around the region. Nuqat has organized several events during the past few years in Kuwait, such as the design conference last year. This year’s conference has begun on Thursday November 7th and will continue on till the 12th. With nearly a couple of dozen of talented speakers at this year’s conference, the line up looks great. The full list of speakers can be found here. The event is being held at ‘Americani’, Kuwait City and entrance is free for anyone who register’s at Nuqat’s website.

What interests me the most is that, Iraqi rapper and songwriter will be featured this year. The Narcycist as he calls himself speaks on the third day of the conference at 4:45 p.m, i.e. on Saturday, 9th. The ‘Hamdulillah’ rapper is well known among the arab hiphop community and has solid fanbase around the world.

He will also conduct a workshop during the conference, details of the workshop can be found here

I will leave one of my favorite Narcycist works here:

Kuwait’s first racetrack opens today!

The Kuwait Car Museum famous for its Vintage Car collection is opening a racetrack. It’s astonishing what the museum has achieved in the car scene of Kuwait, like the Lykan Hypersport launch. The track is small for proper international racing but it does give the local scene a boost. Area965 will be visiting the launch and keep the readers updated on track and how it feels.

The Kuwait Car Museum is located in Shuwaikh Industrial Area, right across the City Centre.

GTA V being sold in Kuwait for 50 KD, prices bound to dip tomorrow

First hand information. A couple of my friends had a visit to Rehab Center, the gaming market/hub of Kuwait to find out whether the game is on sale. Not so surprisingly, the game is available for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for a whooping 50 KD.

Picture courtesy of and @thebarbecuechef

The game currently is selling for 40 to 50 KD as being told and is in very limited quantities until next week.

Guess what, you can get it for cheaper today for 35 KD in Mujamma Munaawer in Farwaniya and the shopkeeper said that it will be sold for 25 KD tomorrow with the rate further falling down as soon as they get more in stock.

The game officially releases on 17th of September i.e. tomorrow.

The price will eventually fall down to the normal price of 18 KD by next week.

As reported by 248am and Tweets by @Pat_Makhoul , most of the shops feature a sign outside that they don’t sell GTA.


Thanks a lot Rifkhan and Waqar for the first hand information.

GTA V’s Official Multiplayer Trailer is here!

How amazing was the gameplay trailer that Rockstar released a month ago?


Now, it’s time for the Multiplayer trailer they promised at the end of the gameplay trailer:

Guess what, it just released!

Area965 bestof: K’s Path Managing Director talks about the Stray Dogs of Kuwait

‘Area965 bestof’ is a new series of posts on from all over the blogging world and social networks of Kuwait. The best of the articles/posts will be shared daily. Area965 aims to share the best of Kuwait to the rest of the world. Posts shared from other blogs will be given proper credit and topics will vary significantly.

We will start with an article written by John Peaveler, Managing Director of the animal welfare society, K’s Path. Recent events of high count of stray dogs attacking passers-by has triggered vigilantes severely killing these dogs brutally.
The article talks about the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs in the urban environment and how K’s Path is helping to reduce this problem.

The killers of the dogs took upon instagram to show off their brutality and the weapons they’ve used to do the job. John writes about the way K’s Path handles the problem of capturing the animals safely and as humanely as possible. The positive thing that I took out of the article is that there are people in Kuwait willing to take care of the situation. K’s Path has a history of animal care and protection. They have been dealing with situations like these, professionally.

Head over to 248am to understand the situation and the ways John Peaveler suggests to handle it.

Warning: The post has graphic content.

Source: 248am